Park Avenue Regal Premium Perfume For Men, 150ml Price: 189.00 (as of 25/05/2020 10:10 PST- Details)

Quantity: 150ml; Item Form: Spray
4 times perfume; Enriched with natural aromatic oils
Long lasting up to 12 hours



Product Description

For the man who was born to rule. For the man who’s the definition of regal. Dominate your world with the perfect combination of citrus and Oudh fragrances, reinforced with musky notes.

From the Manufacturer

What is Park Avenue Impact and how is it different?

Park Avenue Impact is 2 in 1 Perfumed Deodorant. It has the best qualities of both deo and a perfume combined in one thus making it one of its kind, first time in India. It can be used on clothes or body, whichever way one likes.

Park Avenue Impact- Three Distinct Fragrance


Reveal your Regal prominence with this precise combination of Citrus and Oudy fragrance flourished with mesmerizing musky notes


Begin every new day with the sparkling mist of citruses with immensely loaded fresh fragrance intertwining the essence of floriental and woody undertones that will soothe your senses and elevate your dreams


The intense character of Chypre engulfs the strong essence of gourmand accords. This mighty amalgamation will reveal the masculine senses of power and strength of a sharp mind

Certain FAQs

What is Park Avenue Impact?

Park Avenue is a 2 in 1 perfumed deodorant, first time in India. It’s a deodorant spray with an impact of Eau De Parfum.

What is the difference between Deodorant and Eau de Parfum(Perfume)?

Body deodorants are the one that has 1.5% – 4% of fragrance with a body deodorant active that keep you free from body odour. Eau de Parfums are the one that has 10 to 20% of fragrance with no body deodorant active.

How is it different from Regular Deo?

Regular deo has about 1.5-3% of perfume/fragrance and hence it doesn’t last through the day. Also the deodorizing strength is not enough and leads to bad odour by second half of the day. Park Avenue Impact has 4 times more perfume than regular deo

How is it different from Perfume or perfume Spray?

Park Avenue Impact fights bacteria that causes bad odour unlike a perfume and has perfume content as high or more than a perfume spray that results in overall long lasting and strong performance of fragrance

What is the benefit of using Park Avenue Impact?

Park Avenue Impact is the one that is the right combination of perfume like EDP(which has 3 distinct notes of Fragrance) and body odour masking active like deodorant.

Quantity: 150ml; Item Form: Spray
4 times perfume; Enriched with natural aromatic oils
Long lasting up to 12 hours
Skin Type: All Skin Types
Usage: Give it a good hard shake first to make sure all the ingredients are mixed together before you spray it. You should hold the can approximately 15cm from your body or clothes as you spray it.
Target Audience: Men
Package Contents: 1 Perfume

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